Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Let's Go Shopping activity from Juicy Juice

I found a fun activity for the grocery store from Juicy Juice. Find it here. We had a great time with it. My kids were so busy checking their lists, comparing items, and picking items out that they did not have time to fight, complain, or beg for junk! I recommend you try it out. It's simple to do, and if you laminate the list it is reusable.

What You Need
  • Let's Go Shopping List (available on Juicy Juice website)
  • Crayons or washable colored markers
  • Colorful stickers (optional)

How To Make It

  • Print out the Let's Go Shopping List from the link.

What To Do

  • Tell your toddler that the two of you are going to go to the market to buy food.
  • Sit down with your toddler and the Let's Go Shopping List and talk about each of the brightly-colored images on the list.
  • Decide together which of the foods you will buy and help your child make a mark with a crayon, marker or sticker in the space next to the picture of the chosen food.
  • Take the Let's Go Shopping List with you so that the two of you can match the chosen items on your list to the foods in the market.
  • If your market has junior shopping carts, your child can push her cart next to yours and help shop.
  • Locate one or two of the items on your list that are within her reach such as a small block of cheese or a loaf of bread, and ask her to place them in her cart.
  • Once you are home, talk about each food item as you both unpack and put away the groceries.
  • Now that you have finished your busy day at the market, offer your toddler a snack that you choose together from the healthy foods on the Let's Go Shopping List!

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