Monday, December 6, 2010

Single Dad Laughing

Have you checked out Single Dad Laughing at It is one of my favorite daily blogs. He is funny, witty (NO they are NOT the same thing!) and a really good writer. This is one of my favorite posts, light hearted, honest, and a good example of his personality. He is not afraid to also write what he calls "power posts," gritty, honest, and powerful, the writing leaves me literally breathless. (Check out an example here .) It is refreshing to read a blog that is not always positive; "I love my life. I love everything. I am happy happy HAPPY DAMN IT!" but always "real." He is having a huge, NAY MEGA giveaway, check out how to enter here. I really recommend you check out the blog. There are lots and LOTS of amazing, funny, honest, heartbreaking, and amazing posts.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We won! We won!

One of our real moms won the 2nd place prize in the Blissdom contest. (Registration to the conference and workshops.) BUT since the conference is in Nashville, she has to sell her prize (can't afford airfare/hotel/transportation.) So anyone looking for tickets to Blissdom? I have a full conference registration PLUS a Wisdom Workshops registration! It is a $500 value, I would be willing to sell it for $300. Leave a comment if you are interested!