Monday, April 4, 2011

"Heart of Ice" by Lis Wiehl with April Henry

_240_360_Book.372.cover.jpgThe triple threat club is a group of three friends with a passions for crime fighting in common; Allison Pierce is a federal prosecutor, Nicole Hedges is an FBI agent, and Cassidy Shaw is a television crime news reporter. They met in high school, reconnected at their 10 year reunion, and have been fearless friends since.

Cassidy meets cool, beautiful, and charismatic Elizabeth Avery at an exercise class and quickly becomes entranced by her. As the story progresses we discover that Elizabeth has some very deep dark secrets. The triple threat club has to pull together and work to discover just how cold Elizabeth's heart is.

This book is the third in the "Triple Threat Club" series, but if you have not read the others (I hadn't,) you can pick it right up without being lost. I loved how developed the characters are. They each struggled with personal issues that affect their decision making, and objectivity. However they are able to work through their problems and come together to figure out Elizabeth's deceptions and how she relates to a string of murders in their area.

I really enjoyed the mystery and crime solving part of this book. I found that part to be well written and engaging. I was less thrilled with the infusion of Christian values. This felt forced and unnatural. There were just a few places where a character would talk about her faith, or mention the Bible that felt oddly juxtaposed into the story. It almost seemed like an afterthought and did not feel genuine. The Christian references could have been more smoothly woven into the story, and would have felt more natural if they were brought up more often. For this reason I gave the book 3 stars. "Heart of Ice" was entertaining and I would definitely be interested in reading the rest of the series.

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