Saturday, October 9, 2010

KT Tunstall's newest album "Tiger Suit"...the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I have always been a bad news first kind of here goes. The thing I really liked about KT was that she is very "folk-pop" which is refreshing in this era of synthesizers and limited singing ability, a la Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. I love her sultry voice coupled with her amazing composing and writing ability. Unfortunately, with this album, KT has gone the way of Jewel with "Intuition." This album is more "pop-folk," which to me, is an utter tragedy. I disliked that on this album, the sound is much more "electric" than her previous albums.

HOWEVER, even though I did not love this album as much as the previous ones, it is still phenomenal. I love KT's unique writing style. Her rhymes are not forced, and not always obvious. A good example of this is the chorus to the song "Lost."

If I choose to go with the way I'm feelin
Does it really mean that's the way it is
Is it just a trick that my eyes are
playing on my mind
Following the passage of least
Following the pack just to pass the gate
It's a little late for a change of plan
Don't you think
I got lost following you

KT also has a unique perspective and an interesting way of expressing this perspective. She can put into words things that we have all felt. An example of this comes from "(Still A) Weirdo."

I'd always thought
It was automatic
To grow into
A soul less static
But here I am upon the same spot
Attempting to lift off
Into space
I don't always get it right
But a thousand different ways
And I just might

I continue to be impressed with KT's writing and composing style and talent. Her songs, especially the US single, " Fade Like A Shadow," are catchy and memorable. Preview the album here,

Overall, I enjoyed "Tiger Suit." If you like KT Tunstall, you will probably like this album. I would like it to be a bit less "commercial" feeling, but you can't deny that the girl's got talent. I have been listening to it again and it is growing on me more and more. If I had never heard of KT Tunstall previous to hearing this album, I would have been thoroughly impressed and not had a negative thing to say about it. It is only because I had a preconceived notion of how I thought this album should sound that I am being super critical. I am not unhappy with this album, I honestly enjoyed it. I just hope that with her next, KT returns to her more "folky" feel. Ready to check it out for yourself? Order it here...

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