Thursday, June 24, 2010


"Toothfairy" starring Dwayne Johnson is a great family movie. I know a lot of people have been giving "The Rock" flak for doing this movie, but I am glad that he is more than an "action/adventure" actor. The plot is a bit predictable, but not so much so that you want to turn it off halfway through. Dwayne Johnson gives a believable performance as a disillusioned semi-pro hockey player who is a good guy, if sometimes a little clueless. Julie Andrews makes a delightful head toothfairy, and Bill Crystal is entertaining as an inventor, reminiscent to his performance in "The Princess Bride." There was nothing unsavory about this movie, no swearing, no superfluous violence, no nudity at all. It was a sweet story and our whole family enjoyed it.

Thoughts? Comments? Do you think Dwayne Johnson made a mistake in doing this movie?

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